BroCon Recruiting has the expertise and experience to help you hire the best employees available. Make sure you’ve got the talent on your team to keep growing and build future success. We work with companies to alleviate the challenges of hiring.

We specialize in placing Partners, Attorneys, Associates, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Office Managers, Accounting Staff, HR staff, Operations Managers, CFO’s, COO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents and Business Support Staff in the legal industry. We work with CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, HR Staff, and Internal Recruiters to target small to medium-sized companies, however, we have had success with all sizes of companies.

BroCon Recruiting focuses strictly on the legal industry, working with both law firms and in-house.

Additionally, BroCon Recruiting will help talent with job transitions.

Why call BroCon Recruiting? 

+ Career Opportunities
+ Career Coaching
+ Deal with people at multiple levels within an organization
+ Discuss your short- and long-term needs and goals
+ Clarify your expectations (it’s the best way to exceed them!)
+ Deploy our eight-step service process
+ Deliver the services that help you reach your goals and expectations
+ Follow up consistently to ensure your requirements are met
+ Create Workforce solutions
+ Recruitment and Placement service

Most importantly, recruitment agencies free up time and energy for companies that may not have enough of either to spare for the purpose of soliciting and screening job applications.
In selecting an agency, it is important to have the mindset and priorities of a great agency in its screening of job candidates: Look for reliability, integrity, reputation, solid performance history, affordability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Brocon Recruiting, Inc.
is a
premier executive legal search firm
focused on the direct recruitment of executives and professionals.